About Bagru Boutique

Established in year 1970 we "Bagru Boutique" are the eminent organisation of artisans involved in manufacturing an eye catching collection of hand block printed saree,unstiched suit set,Duptta,stole and dress material,bed covers,Applique,Bed sheets etc.

The "Bagru Boutique" is not a brand but a organisation with number of artisans which are working from generations The art of block printing is coming from 100 years ago so The Aim of "Bagru Boutique" is quite simple that all our custumers should know about our work custumers should also khow that what they are buying.Basically "Bagru Boutique" is organisation of no.of artisans and only we know about our work so its our duty to recognise you about our product and work we are direct manufacturar and supplier of hand block printing products.we are manufacturar not reseller or intermediate dealer we artisans respect our work and sell block printed products directly to our custumers.


Bagru is known for natural dyes and hand block printing. Bagru is the place of Raiger and Chhipa community. Chhipa community people who are involved in this printing tradition since 300 years ago and also Raiger community people are involved in processing and manufacturing of leather and their products (like boots, mochdi, Rajasthani jhutee and other leather goods).Bagru is also known for natural dyeing, indigo dyeing and wooden hand block printing over textile articles.As we see that the time changes and the changes also occur in printing also before the time like if we talk about 80-90 years ago at that time printing is done of very small prints with 5-6 processess continously the more importance is given to traditional prints called "Phadat prints" but if we see the time changes and fashion also changed now a days big block prints with ligth dyeing process is prefered more than traditional prints.

Bagru is a small village, located at a distance of 32 km from Jaipur, on Jaipur-Ajmer Road. The village town of Bagru has a popular fort (private property) in heart of town which is normally open for public on Gangaur Festival. Bagru is most famous for its typical wooden prints. These prints of Bagru are acclaimed all over India and are particularly known as Bagru prints. The Prints of Bagru, unlike other prints, involve a different kind of printing. The unique method for printing employs wooden block in it. In the process, the desired design is engraved on the wooden block first and then the carved block is used for replicating the design in the preferred color on the fabric.


At "Bagru Boutique" we make make it easier to navigate the supply chain and We handle everything from design to delivery, keeping you in-the-loop at each step. Our goal is to streamline our printing process directly for you, no matter where you are in the world – a seamless delivery of quality, transparency, and creativity.


In Bagru Artisans have been hand-block printing for over 300 years. Bagru is a small Indian town located thirty kilometers outside of Jaipur – the capital of Rajasthan. While many Rajasthani villages have turned to screen-printing as an alternative to block printing, Bagru has remained loyal to its history, culture, and craftsmanship.


At "Bagru Boutique" we artisans take care of designing and delivering of our products directly to our custumers.we are not reseller we are designers(creaters) and deliver the products to our certified custumers